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VFS’s On Demand Mobile Visa for UK, EU countries

As most of you are aware, VFS Global is an agency to whom several countries have outsourced their visa services. As part of their premium services, they provide On Demand Mobile Visa service, wherein you can go through the entire visa application process from the comfort of your home or office.

The service is available for a few countries and that depends on 1. your place of residence and 2. which country are you applying to. The Good news is this service is available in INDIA, UAE among others for visa applicants to many European countries, UK included.


  • Quick, streamlined and convenient process
  • Date and time is flexible
  • Available to individuals and group applicants (eg, families, businesses, student/summer school parties and tour groups)
  • Ideal for larger groups that are looking to complete their visa applications at the same time and in the same place
  • Price includes courier return delivery of processed documents
  • Special discounted rates for groups depending on the size *
  • Personalized assistance with completing your visa application form *

*Service available in some locations only

How does it work?

Step 1: Choose a date, time and place. VFS staff comes to the location agreed upon.

Step 2: VFS staff checks your documents and application to ensure it is in order. They will take your photograph, scan your fingerprints and also take your digital signature.

Step 3: VFS team will submit your application to the concerned country’s processing centre.

Step 4: Once the visa decision has been made, the processed passport will be returned to your doorstep.

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Can I avail this service?

Click here to find out if you can avail the On Demand Mobile Visa service. You will be redirected to a page as shown below. Choose your country of residence and the country you wish to visit. Under premium services, you will see if the On Demand Mobile Visa service is available for your chosen criteria.

Image: VFS Global website

What does it cost?

Since this is a premium services, it is done at an extra cost. This depends on size of applicant groups/ individual as well as the location. Below is an example when applying for UK Visa from India.

Number of people in your groupPrice per applicant (INR) 
2 – 107500
11 – 306500
31 and above5500
Credit: VFS global website

Learn more at the VFS official Website:

PS: This is not a sponsored post.