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Make money traveling – Parcel Services and beyond

So, are you travelling and have luggage space? That space can get you some extra bucks.

Many a times, we carry parcels for friends/ family during our trips. Now you can get paid for the same.
Introducing to you here area few websites,, and, through which you can choose what you want to carry and for whom. Be it a document or something a little bigger, you can choose how much you want to get paid for it.

In short, all you have to do is

  1. Register/ sign up
  2. Post your travel details
  3. Select what you can bring and how much will you charge
  4. Connect with people who want items to be delivered or let them contact you
  5. Get paid!

The websites claim that travelers are trusted and verified and provide support to its members too.

Going one step ahead is, a social shopping platform that brings together those who want to bring products from abroad and those who want to make a profit by bringing these products.It allows you to access economical, fast and self-determined items that you can not find in your country or expensive products. | The Social Status of Shopping from Abroad Earn money by bringing products from places we travel

Do you know of other such platforms? Help fellow travelers by leaving a comment :slight_smile:

PS: None of the above are affiliate links.

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