Wednesday, October 27

Top 7 Budget-Friendly places to buy clothes, Germany

If you live in Germany, or for that matter anywhere in Europe, you very well know by now, that your wardrobe goes on a change cycle every 3 months. You can’t wear your summer T-shirts in the winter, can you? Children grow so fast, you can rarely use this year’s clothes in the next. Buying clothes and accessories every season, can definitely burn a hole in your pocket. And so, we are always on the look out for great deals.

Online shopping has taken over the world right now. A quick search on Google will give you scores of stores to choose from. However, if you prefer the old-fashioned way of hopping from store to store, here is our recommendation on “Where you can buy clothes for cheap!”

  1. Ernsting’s Family
  2. H&M
  3. C&A
  4. Primark
  5. Woolworth
  6. KiK
  7. Takko Fashion

The first 4 on the list are my top choices. In my opinion, Ernsting’s Family and H&M stock really cool stuff. I love their array of products and prints. The quality is good and the stuff is reliable. You can get anything from T-shirts & Pullovers to caps & shoes. They also have rain gear and accessories like bags, bathrobes, swimsuits, hair accessories etc. C&A and Primark offer similar products in a lower price range. In my experience, the durability is sometimes a question. But then yeah, for just 3-4 months of usage, they work perfectly fine. For the ones, who are environment friendly, C&A has a whole Bio range and Primark houses products made from recycled materials. A closer look at the label will give you the details.

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Coming to Woolworth, KiK and Takko Fashion. These are NOT my go-to stores for the fact that the variety and choice here, is limited. The quality and reliability of the products…….hmmm, they serve the purpose (if that counts 😉 ). Are they cheap? In comparison to the others, definitely yes!

If you are looking for simple accessories like hats, mittens or stockings too, home improvement stores like Tedi sell them for a nominal price. An affordable store for shoes is Deichmann. If money is no problem, you can shop at your local Department stores or Kaufhaus. These stores usually stock products from multiple brands. Stores like Zalando and TK Maxx also offer products from multiple brands, but usually at lower or near factory prices.

All that being said, it is not a bad idea to adapt to the German culture of buying stuff second-hand. There are plenty of thrift stores in every German city. Fleamarkets or flohmarkts are organized every season, and they are an excellent place to get kid’s clothes, toys, shoes, sports gear etc. at reasonable prices. Stay tuned to learn more.

Do you know of other stores that are a bargain? Leave us a comment below.