Wednesday, October 27

Short Term Visas now granted for long distance relationship partners, Germany

In the wake of COVID 19, Germany has extended the entry ban beyond July 1st, 2020 for travelers from high-risk areas. And, India is one of them. However, owing to pressure from the EU and an online campaign, Germany is now granting short term visas that makes it possible for partners in long distance relationships to reunite.

This is possible only

–  if you and your partner have previously lived together in India or in another foreign country (need to submit scan of corresponding visa of your partner)

–  or if you have already visited your partner in Germany (need to submit a scan of your previous Schengen visa and entry stamps).

Currently, the German Missions visa’ section in India is closed to the public applying for short term/ visit visas. However, if you suffice the above mentioned conditions, you are eligible and an appointment may be given to you.

Documents required

  • Scan of corresponding visa of your partner/ scan of your previous Schengen visa and entry stamps as mentioned above.
  • Additional proof of the relationship can come in the form of a previous joint residence abroad or a documented previous in-person meeting in Germany.
  • The partner living in Germany must provide a formal visit invitation.
  • The couple must sign a joint declaration affirming the existence of their relationship.
  • Since this is a short term visa, it is needed to prove that you will be returning to India (after a maximum stay of 90 days). Proof can be NOC from your employer / university. Note: If you have already applied for a family reunion / intended marriage visa, this contradicts your willingness to return to India, as you obviously want to shift to Germany on a permanent basis.
  • Proof of financial stability/ “Verpflichtungserklärung”.
  • Insurance covering travel & stay.
  • Complete list of documents, application and declaration forms can be found here.
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Don’t forget that upon arrival in Germany, you will have to abide with the rules governing self-isolation and quarantine. These vary with the Federal states. Hence, be well informed before your travel.

Source: German Missions in India. Read it in the news here.