Friday, January 21

Re-open EU, official website to help tourists

With most EU countries opening its borders, there is hope for that long awaited summer break. After all, the lock down period has only enhanced this longing. Before you pack your bags and take off, it is but very important to be aware of the pandemic situation, travel restrictions, services available and health and safety measures to be followed in your destination country.

Opening the doors for tourists will indeed help in boosting the economy, but health and safety will not be compromised. In view of this, the European Commission has launched ‘Re-open EU, a web platform along with an app to support a safe relaunch of travel and tourism across Europe. The website will provide real-time, country-specific information on borders and travel restrictions, available means of transport , tourism services and the latest on the spread of corona virus. This will allow people to take responsible and well-informed decisions on how to manage continuing risks related to Corona virus while planning their holidays and travels during this summer and beyond.

Re-open EU, is frequently updated and available in 24 different languages. Users may select their preferred language and country of destination on the website, click on “Go!” You will find an interactive map providing the latest information on the key points such as:

  • Information on Corona virus
    • at National Level
    • at Regional Level
    • EU Initiatives
  • Travel Information
    • May I transit this country?
    • Is there a mandatory quarantine?
    • Is entry to this country by train/car/motorbike/camper possible?
    • and more…..
  • Services
    • Are non-essential (other than medicine and food) shops open?
    • Are personal care services available?
    • Are beaches and tourist areas openly accessible?
    • and more…..
  • Health and Safety
    • Is a mask required in public?
    • Health protocols for tourism services and tourists
    • Gatherings
    • and more…..
  NHS has released a Coronavirus Status Checker

For example, Netherlands is permitting tourists with limitations i.e. tourists from EU or Schengen countries can enter the Netherlands. However, tourists from Sweden and the United Kingdom should go into quarantine for 14 days. Most services such as restaurants and cafes are open in Italy but places of worship and personal care are under limitations. In Slovenia, wearing a mask in public places is mandatory.

This is an excellent initiative from the EU Commission in planning for a safe re-opening of Europe. We hope this helps you plan a safe and healthy trip.