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Online Indian Grocery Stores, Europe

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Although most cities have a store or two, wherein we can find our usual Indian groceries, sometimes we just prefer it delivered to our doorstep. Yes, this is how things work now… everything Online!

So, here are a few sites that deliver Indian groceries throughout Europe. They also have Indian Personal and Home care products, Asian and African Products too. Some stores have free shipping over a certain minimum order amount. Check out the websites to know more…

1. Spice Village
Deliver to : Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Spain,Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Slovenia, Berlin, Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, Madrid, Barcelona, Prague, Hamburg, Marseille, European Union.

2. Get Grocery
Deliver to : Germany

3. Easy Groceries
Deliver to : Germany

4. Jamoona
Deliver to : Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxemburg, Denmark, Netherlands, Poland, Monaco, Czech republic, France, Croatia, Portugal, Andorra, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Vatican City, Cyprus, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Rumania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Malta

4. Masala Wala
Deliver to : All over Europe

5. Get Spices
Deliver to : All over Europe

6. Online Indian Shop
Deliver to : Most parts of Europe. Know more here.

7. Ekirana
Deliver to : All over Europe

8. India Store
Delivery: Worldwide
Products: Bollywood movies and music, clothes, clothes, shoes, jewelry, gift vouchers too.

9. Spicelands
Delivery: Germany, Flat rate shipping costs € 3.99

10. Peddireddi
Delivery: Germany

And the list goes on. However, if you have used any of the above services, do let us know your experience in the comments below. Also, please feel free to add on other services to the list.

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