Wednesday, October 27

Dispose used cooking oil in the right way and avoid Fines! Germany

Diwali is behind us and Christmas is around the corner. For us Indians, festivals are always a grand affair, and food plays a major role in them. I’m sure all the big Kadahis were out for the preparation of yummy, deep-fried snacks. But, how are you going to dispose the left over oil?

As you know, waste separation and recycling is taken very seriously in Germany. Not adhering to the rules can invite warnings and fines too. So, ensure that you dispose used oil in the right way.

The Right way forward…

  • Absolutely do not pour it down the sink or toilet.
  • Pour the cooled used oil into a glass container like an old jam jar or a plastic bottle. Seal it tight and put it in the trash (Restmüll).
  • Put it in a plastic bag with enough kitty litter to soak it all up, seal the bag and put it in the trash.
  • You can also pour it into a ziploc bag and then throw it in the bin.
  • For very small quantities, use kitchen paper to wipe the pan and throw it in the bin.
  • Collect the used oil in a bottle and take to a local restaurant. They will dispose it along with the rest of their own waste oil.
  • For those big on recycling, keep collecting the cooled oil in a glass jar and when full, take it to your nearest Recycling-Center (Recyclinghof), if it accepts cooking oil.

Incase you dispose off used cooking oil incorrectly, be sure to pay a fine. The fines vary between the different federal states and depends on the quantity of oil disposed. It can be anything between 10 € to 1.500 €. Here are the details.

  Registration Formalities in Germany