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Declaration of Commitment (Verpflichtserklärung), Germany

If family or friends from India wish to visit you in Germany, they will need a Type C Schengen Visa. Among other required documents for the visa application, Verpflichtserklärung or Declaration of Commitment will be listed. So, what exactly is this document?

In order for a person to obtain a Visa, all travel costs, health insurance and accommodation must be secured and proven. If the visa applicant has sufficient financial means or own assets, this can be given as proof when applying for a visa at the German Embassy. However, if the person has insufficient funds or in some cases, the person will be staying with a host i.e. the inviter, during their visit; then the inviting party in Germany has to show a Verpflichtserklärung or Declaration of Commitment as proof of sufficient funds. This can also be considered as a Sponsorship letter or document. This formal document serves the traveler as an “invitation” or proof of financing, which he can submit during the visa application. Note that submission of this document does NOT guarantee a visa.

How to Apply?

The Verpflichtserklärung can be obtained from your city’s Auslaenderamt or Foreigner’s/ Immigrations Office. The host or inviter, will be requested to submit the following documents, to check whether s/he is eligible to get a Verpflichtserklärung.

  • Pay slips for the last three months (copies)
  • Passport / identity card (copy)
  • Copy of invitee’s/ visa applicant’s passport
  • Completed and signed declaration (This will be shared by the correspondent from the Auslaenderamt)

In addition to the above, the host maybe asked about his employment contract,  a certificate from the bank about regular income for the last three months, current bank statements showing creditworthiness, tax statements, other sources of income, number of people currently residing in the house, house contract etc. The immigrations office checks the house contract to ensure that there is sufficient living space for all the residents (as you know, by law, Germany requires 13sqm of living space for each person). All these details are asked because, they are taken into account as maintenance obligations for the issuance of the Verpflichtserklärung. The requested documents may vary from person to person. Once done, the host or inviter will need to fill in the application form or form for issuing the Verpflichtserklärung. Click here to see a sample form.

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Details of the visitor/ invitee that needs to be given:

  • Surname, first name (s)
  • Date of birth Place of birth
  • Nationality
  • Home address in the home country
  • Passport number (or copy of passport)
  • Date of expected entry / start of the obligation

If all the documents are in place, and sufficient funds are proven, the Declaration of Commitment will be issued immediately. The fee is 29,00€.

How much funds/ income is needed?

Below is the table which shows the monthly minimum income that one needs to show to support up to 4 guests. This is only an example (City of Munich, 2020) and may vary from city to city. Note that Kindergeld, Elterngeld, Wohngeld and any other social benefits are not included in this amount. Incomes of a married couple, living in the same household may be added together to meet the requirements.

Minimum income
1 Invitee2 Invitees 3 Invitees4 Invitees
Single1.330 Euro1.470 Euro1.610 Euro1.760 Euro

Married couple without Children / life partners or single with a child
1.830 Euro2.030 Euro 2.230 Euro 2.430 Euro
Married couple and one child or single with two children2.120 Euro 2.370 Euro 2.620 Euro 2.870 Euro

Married couple and one child or single with two children
2.450 Euro 2.790 Euro 3.120 Euro 3.450 Euro

Married couple and three Children or single with four Children
2.870 Euro3.370 Euro3.610 Euro
(from this amount fully attachable)
3.610 Euro
(from this amount fully attachable)
Source: KVR Muenchen

What are your obligations as a host?

By signing the Verpflichtserklärung, one is obliged to pay for all the living expenses of the guest, including medical care, food and accommodation. One is also obliged to bear all expenses in case the guest is repatriated by authorities to their home country.

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  • Residence permit and passport of the host/ inviter should be valid for longer than the duration of obligation or sponsorship.
  • Submission of Verpflichtserklärung does NOT guarantee a visa.
  • The document is valid for 6 months from the date of issue.
  • The visa applicant will need this document in original for the visa application process.
  • Usually, an appointment date is given and the list of required documents to be brought along for the appointment is shared in advance. However, due to the pandemic, many offices are processing most things online. This may require you to send all the documents via Email. Nevertheless, the original document will have to be signed and collected in person from the Auslaenderamt. Therefore, remember to take your passport and ID Card when going to collect the document.

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