Wednesday, October 27

Bookings for Visa Purposes

For most kinds of Schengen visas, it is mandatory to show confirmed flight tickets. However, if you are skeptical about your travel dates, visit the below sites. Here, you will be able to book flights without immediate payment. The itinerary you receive will hold good for visa application.

  1. Learn more about their “Hold for free” policy here.

Most of the above sites only charge a nominal service fee for the bookings. Moreover with airlines like Emirates, you can book flights and pay later, the seats are reserved for 72 hours. This option will hold good if you visit the airline website directly or an office in person. You can always choose to go to a travel agent, who can help you block seats and receive an itinerary.

If applying for tourist visa or traveling without a sponsorship letter, you will need to show hotel bookings too. In addition to the above listed websites, other sites such as and offer many hotels with zero cancellation fees. You can book these for visa purposes and then cancel at a later date if not using.

PS: None of the above are affiliate links.

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