Child Care Allowance (Kindergeld), Germany

If you are living in Germany with children, here’s one more reason to smile 🙂 . You are entitled to Kindergeld, a monthly monetary benefit to help with the costs of raising a child. Who is eligible? Either parent is eligible to receive this amount until the child is 18, and in the below cases until the child is 25. If […]

Parent Allowance (Elterngeld), Germany

If you are living in Germany, apart from Kindergeld, parents are also entitled to an allowance known as Elterngeld. This benefit is given to new parents to encourage them to spend more time with their new born, thus helping them to cover up living costs. The Elterngeld can be shared between both the child’s parents, therefore enabling both parents to take time […]

VFS’s On Demand Mobile Visa for UK, EU countries

As most of you are aware, VFS Global is an agency to whom several countries have outsourced their visa services. As part of their premium services, they provide On Demand Mobile Visa service, wherein you can go through the entire visa application process from the comfort of your home or office. The service is available for a few countries and […]

Meldebescheinigung, Registration Certificate in Germany

The Registration Certificate (Meldebescheinigung) is a document that confirms your official address in Germany. You will need it for various purposes such as opening bank accounts, media & telecommunication contracts, receiving government benefits or even Indian passport services. The Meldebescheinigung includes details such as given names, nationality, religion, date & place of birth, marital status, details of spouse & children and address. […]